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Why Advisory Boards?

As a senior executive in your organization, you are responsible for setting and overseeing the execution of strategies that will result in growth for your company. You are a seasoned leader who understands that strategic initiatives are only valuable if they are on point, successfully executed, and lead to an increase in your bottom line.

Advisory Boards are a tool used by companies around the world to:

  • validate corporate strategies
  • gain loyalty with key customers/partners
  • align the internal team
  • strengthen relationships
  • gain market-driven perspectives

A masterfully designed and executed advisory board provides C-suite leaders like you with the insights and validation needed to ensure that the company you lead is heading in the right direction now and into the future. Advisory boards drive loyalty by giving your key stakeholders a seat at your table and at the same time, provide the structure to align your internal team around the strategies that will move your company forward.

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Customer Advisory Boards

Perhaps one of the most compelling strategies when it comes to your customer stakeholder group is the implementation of a Customer Advisory Board (CAB). This is not a one-off focus group but rather an ongoing initiative with a very select group of key decision-makers who have the ability to greatly influence and impact your revenue. Aligning your organizational strategy with your customer programs is best done when company leaders have accurate, reliable and “straight-from-the-source” insights. Gaining this important information is best done strategically rather than by happenstance. With years of experience, both domestic and international, we work with clients to build and deliver executive-level customer advisory boards that produce powerful strategic insights as well as customer loyalty.

Corporate Councils

A well-formed, well-executed Corporate Council will add power and strength to your organization by providing your leadership team with the expertise and knowledge of people who are experts in their particular fields. Having a team of subject matter experts with successful track records to help navigate your business growth leads to exponential strategic value for your organization. We work with senior leaders to recruit the high-level individuals who will bring their experience and qualifications to the table, and then bring our best practices for engaging these high-value individuals in a meaningful and intentional way.

Partner Advisory Boards

Strategic partnerships can be the tool that accelerates your business into the stratosphere, and they can also be the thing that sinks your ship if the relationships are not well-managed and founded upon achieving a winning outcome for both parties. We provide a process for engaging your partners in a way that maximizes the relationship and ensures mutual benefit for all involved.

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