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Through Powerful Stakeholder Strategies


Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Stakeholders

There is mounting evidence to support the notion that an intentional and focused effort to identify, analyze, communicate with, and engage key stakeholders has positive bottom line impact for companies of all sizes, geographies and industries.

At ActionMasters Network, our mission is simple: We aspire to provide our clients with a positive Return on Relationship.

How much value do your stakeholders represent for your business? How much MORE value is possible?

  • Your customers
  • Your employees
  • Your investors
  • Your suppliers
  • Your board members
  • Your strategic partners
  • Your media contacts
  • Your legislators
  • Your community



Stakeholder Identification and Analysis

The starting point for any stakeholder relations strategy is keying in on your most important stakeholder groups (internal and external) and then analyzing them with regard to power, interest, influence, impact and other considerations. We help you use Problem Analysis, Stakeholder Framing, and a Stakeholder Benefits Matrix, among other processes, to develop a keen understanding of those who either impact and/or impacted by your organization.

Stakeholder Relations for Projects

The success or failure of any project, large or small, is oftentimes a direct result of the focus (or lack thereof) placed on stakeholder communications and engagement. All the best project managers include a stakeholder relations strategy as part of their overall project plan, and for good reason. Without a clear understanding of the stakeholders’ motivations, influence, interconnectivity, power and other considerations, a project can derail at any point in the process. We work with project teams to ensure that sufficient attention is paid to all parties who have a stake in the successful completion of the project.

Stakeholder Communications Plans

There are unlimited methods of communication, with just about as many personal preferences. Communicating with your most important stakeholders is definitely not a “one-size-fits-all” practice. Among the aspects of communication that need to be considered when conveying and/or receiving information from your key stakeholders are preferences on content, frequency, and delivery methods. Without first obtaining a clear understanding of your stakeholders, it is all but impossible to ensure that your communications will be effective. Using the Stakeholder Register which provides all the data needed for spot-on communications with your stakeholders, we work with you to develop a communications plan that will craft and deliver your messages for maximum benefit. 

Stakeholder Engagement Plans

Depending upon the nature of the organization, the project and the stakeholder, preferred levels of engagement by any one stakeholder may vary. Many times, just getting a minimal level of engagement can be a real challenge. This is often because the true motivations and communication preferences of the stakeholder have not been identified and addressed in a way that leads to optimal levels of engagement. We work with clients to first identify the preferred levels of engagement, and then develop a strategy for ensuring that every effort is put forth to maximize the relationship.

Customer Advisory Boards

Perhaps one of the most compelling strategies when it comes to your customer stakeholder group is the implementation of a Customer Advisory Board (CAB). This is not a one-off focus group but rather an ongoing initiative with a very select group of key decision-makers who have the ability to greatly influence and impact your revenue. Aligning your organizational strategy with your customer programs is best done when company leaders have accurate, reliable and “straight-from-the-source” insights. Gaining this important information is best done strategically rather than by happenstance. With years of experience, both domestic and international, we work with clients to build and deliver executive-level customer advisory boards that produce powerful strategic insights as well as customer loyalty.

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