Betsy Westhafer


Throughout my career as an entrepreneur and business development strategist, I have always known that the unsung competitive advantage for any organization is the intentional focus placed on validating their strategies by leveraging key relationships, most notably customers, partners and advisors.

It’s just this simple . . . solid strategies add to the bottom line and misguided ones take from it.

I have had many opportunities to witness the business value of strategic relationships. When I was traveling around the world facilitating executive-level customer advisory boards, I saw that no matter the culture, no matter the line of business, no matter the size of the company, what moved an organization forward was the strength of relationships and the knowledge gained as a result. As an entrepreneur who co-founded and later exited my company, I saw first hand the increase in value for our organization as a result of putting a focus on key industry partnerships. Finally, as a mentor and faculty member of the Forbes #1 Not-to-Miss Business Conference, I continue to marvel at the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships that all begin with building solid and trusting relationships and aligning strategies accordingly.

Using my natural talents and my decades-long experience, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to help C-Suite leaders develop initiatives that strengthen relationships, gain insights and validate strategies. We do this through Executive-level:

– Customer Advisory Boards
– Partner Boards
– Corporate Councils

I’m always open to connecting, and welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business.

Stakeholder Relations Consultant

Work with mid-market companies who invest their time and resources to provide themselves with every advantage when aspiring to grow and scale their organizations. As a Stakeholder Relations consultant, I provide the guidance, systems and processes to strategically leverage their internal and external stakeholders for maximum return on relationship.


Co-founded and served as the Chief Operating Officer of CuroLegal, a firm that delivers outsourced business services for law firms. I exited CuroLegal in May, 2015 to devote myself fully to the mission of helping organizations advance through strategic stakeholder relations.

Entrepreneurial Development

Served as the Director of Business Development for a $22.5M investment fund for tech startups.

Executive Customer Advisory Boards

Designed, managed and facilitated executive-level Customer Advisory Boards throughout North America, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Clients included LexisNexis, VeriSign, Dell and Springer.

Freelance Marketing Professional

Owned and operated a niche marketing firm, specializing in print materials, copywriting and photography.

Association Management

Served as the Director of Membership and Marketing for an international trade association.

More about Betsy

  • Founder and CEO – The Congruity Group (formerly The ActionMasters Network)
  • Faculty Member of CEO Space International, the Forbes #1 Not-to-Miss Business Conference for 2015, 2016, and 2017
  • Entrepreneur
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Facilitator


  • Participant in the “Power of Collaboration Global Summit” at the United Nations, 2016
  • Delivered Customer Advisory Boards in the Middle East, Europe, Mexico and the US for Dell, Springer, LexisNexis, VeriSign and other tech companies
  • Passionate supporter of our armed forces
  • Lives in Dayton, OH

I would love to meet you. Let's connect!


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