Why The Congruity Group?

“Betsy Westhafer is one of the rare individuals who can envision a process that can move a company forward but can also build the right team to make it happen. In all my years working in innovation strategy, I have not met many individuals that can build effective advisory boards like Betsy. This is relationship art and skill combined. Additionally, Betsy has the best action-oriented follow-up work ethic I have come across. Putting her company and skills to use in your business is smart, long-term growth thinking.”

Tracy Hazzard

Innovation Writer at Inc. Magazine, Product Launch Expert, Hazz Design

“I really enjoyed working with Betsy on what was a very important program for Dell. She was instrumental in helping us get the CIO Advisory Panel off the ground. She is organized, detail oriented, and made sure we stayed on track with all of our major milestones. She used a “belts and suspenders” approach, which is to say that even if Plan A failed, she was at the ready with a Plan B. When dealing with executives, this is critical. What’s more, Betsy is a fun, energetic professional who makes working with her a pleasure.”

Mary Kay Hyde

Former Senior Manager, Customer Programs, Dell

“It was my good fortune to have Betsy assigned to our account to help build VeriSign’s Customer Advisory Board program. Betsy did a superb job for us – she helped guide our organization through the design of the board and its implementation, and we achieved great results. She is professional, smart, and executes with high integrity.”

Kurt Cumming

Former Vice President – Customer Engagement | Business Development |Strategy Communication , VeriSign

“Betsy has not let me down a single time. She is an exceptional partner for Springer in the creation and management of our Customer Engagement Programs. Together we have created positive customer relationships and ROI. She has a very strong work ethic. Give Betsy the really challenging tasks, the ones that everyone else is struggling with, and she will get them done. Betsy will find a way to weather any storm with a smile. She is a truly exceptional individual.”

George Scotti

Former VP/Global Director of Enterprise Marketing and Account Development, Springer Science+Business Media

“We continually choose to invite Betsy Westhafer to speak at our Business Growth Conferences several times a year because she has a natural ability to inspire and encourage people. Betsy is also phenomenal at delivering content that gives the audience something to take home and apply. In addition to all that -She’s just an awesome person, very genuine and authentic!” 

September Dohrmann

CEO, CEO Space International

“Betsy Westhafer is an engaging speaker with an inspiring message. Her corporate and entrepreneurial life experiences bring a broad perspective and the ability to relate to any audience. The story she tells of her past 18 months is amazing and exciting to anyone who is trying to change the direction of their life. Betsy is brilliant at organization, networking, collaboration and systems.”

Aaron Young

CEO, Laughlin USA; Author, Speaker, Mentor

“It has been my pleasure to serve with Betsy Westhafer for the past year on the faculty of CEO Space International, Inc., an association of CEOs from around the country together with a few from outside of the U.S.  As faculty members we speak, teach, coach, and mentor the attending CEO’s for a week at a business conference.  Betsy has raised the quality of our faculty with her experience, knowledge, education, and skills. Her personality, caring disposition, and tireless commitment to helping others succeed are so refreshing to witness.  I recommend and endorse Betsy to any organization as a speaker, mentor, or consultant wholeheartedly and with no reservations.  I have seen her in action and she’s amazing! 

I am a CPA, former president and CFO of a $100 million company, Certified Profit Enhancement Consultant (CPEC), and Certified FOMB (family owned and managed business) with 35 years’ experience in business, author and speaker.  I do not intend to boast, but to inform the reader that I have attended hundreds of business conferences and experienced more presenters.  Betsy Westhafer is one of the best.”

Harry Lay

President, Lay Professional Services

“Betsy is an amazing speaker and is able to communicate her thoughts and ideas in a very succinct and understandable fashion. Her ideas flow in a sequence that makes it very easy for the audience to digest her message.

Any person who has an opportunity to listen to, or work with Betsy will be greatly blessed in their lives.”

Dr. Doug Gulbrandsen

Marketing & Growth Strategist; Host of Dr. Doug Radio – iHeart Radio; Best-Selling Author

“Thanks to the synergy of Twitter, I had the good fortune to meet Betsy and have her as a guest on my radio show. This dynamo of a woman is an entrepreneur at heart and loves to nurture the talent of her fellow entrepreneur community. As a meaning in work researcher, I recognize she is operating at a highly functioning and incredibly fulfilling level and thus can have an enormous positive impact on anyone with whom she comes into contact. If want to take your business to the next level, you need to talk to Betsy!”

Alise Cortez

Engagement and Development Catalyst, Alise Cortez & Associates

“Betsy was always very helpful and willing to provide information that would benefit the growth of area businesses. Her knowledge of various organizations and programs specifically developed for businesses and entrepreneurs was invaluable. Betsy always greets you with a smile and makes you feel as though you are a personal friend and yet is very professional.”

Scott Hall

Systems Engineer and Technology Transfer Specialist, MBO Partners

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